Most grateful thanks, as always, to test-solvers Lance Nathan, Trip Payne, David Shukan, Andrew Bradburn, and Ian Tullis for proofing, testing, and making countless perceptive and useful comments on this extravaganza. These puzzles were much improved because of each of them.

When you have the overall solution, for a slot on the Leaderboard. If a team, please include everyone's name and/or nom as desired.

Any FAQs or errata will appear here, so check back if something seems to be amiss.


To clarify a comment in the Intro: I'd be interested in receiving your individual confirmed puzzle answers as you solve (as opposed to after you solve the whole thing), just in the interest of seeing how folks are progressing. Again, this is purely optional, albeit interesting to me :). Thanks in advance should you do so.


The fourth string in Midgard has a superfluous E at the end; a corrected version has been posted. Thanks Greg Brume!